My eyes see what is shown, my hands catch what is thrown, my mouth eats what is grown, and my nose breathes what is known. I live to see, I live to breathe, I live to eat, but what else is there to live for. I tell all and hope to all they listen. I live to smile at each face I see, I live to dream of the future I seek, and I live for friends and family life has given me. To what my life entails is for not for me to judge, but is for me to love. For without that love life has no meaning. For without love the life of any individual is a mystery to themself. Life is the essence that binds us. Love is the body the gives us life. Without love no one soul would believe a future is a possibility.  The love of another, no matter how small thy love is given, is precious. To the individual love is the ever increasing motivation that makes life possible. The ever increasing essence that love provides is what I strive for. To all I love and to all I know my life is noting with you.