I sit here on my chair speaking. I speak of life and love and loss. I live for what the simple pleasures of what person should have. I live for the smiles I see from the people I know and do not. I love the one’s who are close as well as the ones who are far. I love the ones who have hurt me no matter how much. I love nature in all its worth. I lose what I cannot have. I lose what I cannot see or touch, but I still love them. The pleasures one is given is all they truly need. The pleasures they seek are not always what they need. I seek life, love, and loss. I do not speak of all, but of many. The silent strings that bind all are just threads which can be cut with only a small whisper. To turn that thread into a rope that is stronger than the wires that hold a bridge are what I seek. We are all connected and to how we make those connections is what makes life, love, and loss so much more than words.